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Preventing and Managing Gestational Diabetes with Hypnosis
One of the benefits of hypnotic relaxation is its effect on lowering blood glucose levels – helping you to prevent or manage gestational diabetes. Simply adding quality deep relaxation to your daily routine can make a huge difference to the health of your pregnancy and give your baby the best possible start to life.
Trouble Sleeping? How Hypnosis Can Help
Learn how hypnosis can help improve your sleep by triggering the relaxation response, releasing sleep-inducing hormones, and countering the primitive part of your brain that keeps you alert to potential threats. Discover techniques such as hypnotic relaxation and transforming your thoughts to promote a deeper, more restful sleep.
Working with a Hypnotherapist
Vanessa Davey, CEO and founder of Venus Network, explains how working through a phobia helped her experience more freedom and stress relief
Lets talk Birth, Fertility & Phobias with If Only They’d Told Me
I was thrilled to join the 'If Only They'd Told Me' parenting podcast hosted by Nat Cutler-Welsh, discussing the power of birth hypnosis. We covered hypnotherapy’s use for overcoming phobias, preparing for relaxed childbirth, healing from trauma, enhance C-section recovery, and optimizing fertility naturally or with IVF
Creating Calm ~ Tips for an Ecstatic Birth
Researcher and lecturer Dr Sarah Buckley challenges conventional childbirth narratives that associate birth with pain and suffering, believing that under the right conditions birth can be gentle, pleasurable, and even meditative
Do your Beliefs Support or Hinder your Success?
I was invited to join the Business Women Panel in Venus Magazine, where the spotlight is on how your beliefs can shape your business and career
Your Words Influence the Results you get
Words influence: what you say impacts the results you get. By understanding how your mind processes the words it hears you can learn to phrase what you say in ways that will positively influence the results you want.