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Trouble Sleeping? How Hypnosis Can Help
Learn how hypnosis can help improve your sleep by triggering the relaxation response, releasing sleep-inducing hormones, and countering the primitive part of your brain that keeps you alert to potential threats. Discover techniques such as hypnotic relaxation and transforming your thoughts to promote a deeper, more restful sleep.
Transform your Words, Transform your Reality
Words wield a powerful influence over our emotions and physical sensations. Fortunately we can deliberately choose to use language that can help transform our emotional and even physical state
Do your Beliefs Support or Hinder your Success?
I was invited to join the Business Women Panel in Venus Magazine, where the spotlight is on how your beliefs can shape your business and career
Your Words Influence the Results you get
Words influence: what you say impacts the results you get. By understanding how your mind processes the words it hears you can learn to phrase what you say in ways that will positively influence the results you want.